Her Celestial Home
Screenplay & Music Copyright © Gregory Springer 2000

HCH Overture in MIDI "Her Celestial Home" Overture
in General MIDI (39K)

(begin " Her Celestial Home ")

High Concept
HCH Overture in MIDI

High Concept:
"All My Children" do "A Midsummers Night Dream "


  1. Luna, of the Noble Planet Realm, feels unappreciated by her beloved mortal astronomer, Terrance.
  2. Luna leaves Earths' orbit with the diplomat, Galileo, on his way to meet Jupiter.
  3. Jupiter kidnaps Luna.
  4. To rescue Luna, Terrance is transformed from a mortal man to a Noble Planet Realm being.
  5. Luna wins her freedom by persuading Saturn to marry Jupiter (Saturn & Jupiter were childhood sweethearts.)
  6. Luna stops the fight between Terrance and Jupiter.
  7. There is a wedding (of course.)
  8. Terrance convinces Luna to return to Earth with him.
  9. Everyone lives happily ever after (all except Galileo.)

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