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NewThe Secret Visitors: A heightening of awareness.

The Selling of the Souls: irrespective of minced happiness, a smile splintered partially in tune.

Jackal Rodeo: Grunting and snorting, he drags himself like a wounded buffalo.

Himalayan August: Rockslides in front of me, take the road away.

Yellow: A light to wake to, The eyes not open yet.

Awkward Audible: Muted screams of pleasure.

The Darkest Place is Under a Streetlight: The right writer writes. The wrong one dreams.

Door: A door by any other name would seldom squeak . . .

Window: If the eyes are the window to the soul, should we all be wearing sunglasses?

Nothing Personal, Just Business: Being happy can be so much work. Maybe unemployment is better.

The Night: Sometimes only the night can shed light.

Seasons: When we are young it is springtime. When old it is fall.

alt.emotions: I hurt, therefore I am.

The Fool: Lessons they don't teach at Harvard.

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