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The following are spoke word compositions. These works are fiction and bear no resemblance or likeness to anyone living or dead. All opinions and interpretations expressed here are entirely the authors. Copyrights are held by the respective authors.

The authors are: Sylvie Being, Henry Cole, Ted Denton, Elizabeth Hill, Gregory Springer and Spider Watkins.
Climbing On Top
Ted Denton © 1997
Spacer How can life,
Be so hard today,
I've got a Porche and a job,
And a condo down in L.A.

I've got five girl-friends,
And my boss thinks I'm O.K.,
I've got money in the bank,
But I don't have much to say.

And I think,
I am just fine,
My horoscope says,
Today I ought to be kind.

So I'll give ten bucks,
To the charity of my choice,
But if you ask me to think,
You won't ever hear my voice.

I had a girl one time,
Who said she loved me,
But I knew all the time
All she wanted was my money,

I thought it was cute,
The way she made my bed,
And wrote me poetry,
Until she found I was dead, inside.
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Annual Sales Convention
Brown hair, brown eyes - * * *
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Benderton Speech Seminar
In the back room on the copier - * * * *
Gregory Springer © 1997
Spacer She had turned forty they say,
And promoted the very next day,
From faded blue jeans,
To a fine spandex cling,
From a zircon
To ten diamond rings.

He had turned forty they say,
And promoted the very next day,
From sales with commission,
To Ferrari ignition,
At a price,
That no one would pay.

She owns a great deal of gold,
Bought it low to sell high,
So I'm told,
It cost her a wedding,
She finds it upsetting,
The men she knows,
All seem so cold.

He has a new girl to show,
She just turned twenty-one,
So I'm told,
A commute from the Heartland,
To East in New England,
Made his wife give him up,
To his goals.

But they had their dreams.

They would live life together,
Not a care as to whether,
They found riches,
Or remained poor.

They would care for the other,
Like a best friend and lover,
On the mailbox,
Their name near the door

Love forever my Chere' Amour.
She Was To Teach Me Love
Gregory Springer © 1997
Spacer She kissed me good-bye.
There would be no,
Butterflys before my proposal speech,
Groceries on the shelves,
Within her reach,
I was a student,
And she was to teach me love.

She kissed me good-bye.
A tear on her cheek,
No picnic with the kids on a balmy beach,
Our house, needing paint,
At the end of the street,
Sitting with me was her favorite seat,
And she was to teach me love.

She kissed me good-bye.
Then she turned,
Away without a word about love in the spring,
How she would care for me,
And teach me to sing,
I dream about a twenty anniversary ring,
And she was to teach me love.

As I drove away I thought of these things,
If I leave now these will be simply dreams,
All wrapped up in a picture or two,
The way it might have been,
Between me and you.
You see,
She was to teach me love.
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Tronics Trade Show
Amazingly good looking presenter - *
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Bloomfield Trade Show
Big food handeler - * * * * * (Wow)
Down town
Elizabeth Hill © 1997
Spacer I'm trapped here in New York,
No lights are on,
I'm sitting near the window,
Making friends with birds that fly by.
Hail a cab take me away from this,
Down town,
Past the windshield washers and store front signs
Across this misty heart bridge to you.

I'm sitting in a cab,
In a crosstown traffic jam,
I'm looking out the window,
Making friends with cars that roll by.
Buy a token for a train from this,
Down town,
Past the writing, rails and platform lines,
Across this hopeful heart bridge to you.

I'm leaning near the window,
Over clouds and fields below,
I'm flying home to you,
Leaving friends who only walked by.
Board a plane take me away from this,
Down town,
Towards my home to lay beside my love
Across this nearing heart bridge to you.
Down In Mexico
Henry Cole © 1997
Spacer The sun it lies on top,
Of the hawmpy purple mountains,
I walk through the town at evening,
And scatter 'round the little piggies,
Down in Mexico.

The water here is so sweet,
The stones are hot beneath my feet,
And a glass of tequilla,
Will help me beat the heat,
Down in Mexico.

My adobe house is clean and neat,
There always is so much to eat,
And my chubby seniorita,
Well, she helps me to sleep,
Down in Mexico.

It used to be so hard,
Working in the U.S.A.,
Their government took my rights,
So now I'm going to stay,
Down in Mexico.

I used to worry about the cold,
But now I've grown old,
And I think that I,
Have finally found the gold,
Down in Mexico.
Nothing Personal, Just Business
ANW Convention
Former sales partner - * *
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Lay over at Dulles Airport
Coffee cashier in parking garage - * * *
Spider Watkins © 1997
Spacer She said:
"Call me on the phone,
If you feel the same way,
You do tonight.

"I need more than a thrill,
To last me until,
The morning light."

(And learn.)

She said:
"I've had too many lovers,
To take another chance,
On a losing thing.

"The subject I tell,
The learning's hard as hell.
I don't need a ring."

(But I need to learn.)

She said:
"I've waited too many years,
To have a love,
Who'll cause my tears.

"It isn't fair for love to have wings,
After so many years,
I doesn't mean a thing."

(I need to learn.)

She said:
"It's sensless to me,
To want anything,
But a story book love.

"Find a haven,
Stop my heart from blazing,
It isn't enough."

(So learn.)

The last digit is pressed,
My heart beats in my chest,
Love remains the same.

I wait on the phone,
No body is home,
Tonight's my turn.

(To learn)
Accidental Passion
Elizabeth Hill © 1997
Spacer One is for romance,
The other is for love,
One gave me this dreamy night,
The other gives me promise of tomorrow.

I am out of town,
Some business for the day,
I meet him by the fountain,
And give my heart away.

I think of home and how my love,
Waits for my return,
But passion with this stranger confirms,
My dreams.

On the late flight home,
I think of who I've left,
The answer to my hearts desire,
A man who I've just met.

And daydreams of reunions...
The foolish tears return,
But passion with this stranger confirms,
My dreams.

It was accidental passion,
I fell wrecklessly in love,
It wasn't something,
I had planned.

Now I must decide,
Who will get my warm Earth,
And who will get,
The sand.
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Penn - Barrons Convention
Blond hair blue eyes in cab - * * *
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Thomas Positive Thinking Seminar
Zen master, behind stage - * * * *
I'm Feeling Fine
Ted Denton © 1997
Spacer Wake up, get ready for work it's a new day, Mr. Sun smiles because it's always been his way, To rise in the morning, never an epiloge, And work all day, all day, all day, all day, all day, all day, all. . . Skip past the rows of houses in the suburbs, My vision is clear, all the cars are gone, the air's supurb, Every day is not the same anymore, since I ran away, To that little corner of my mind. Look up, there's a plane way up in the sky, It's taking people everywhere they can hide, Don't look for me to run away, I've found my home, So now I'll stay, in my mind. Get loose, kick back and enjoy the good times, Kite on a string, you know I'm feeling fine, Never a worry to cloud my mind, But suddenly I'm thinking, just now, this minute, actually, that for some reason, there is this feeling of dread. I feel this oppressive dread, this never ending unquenchable dread. I have to keep reminding myself that this is just a feeling. That makes me laugh. Who says I might not wake up and it will be a new day. A day to start over. A bright sunny day to get my life back in order. Maybe I could finally get out of here. And then, suddenly, just as quickly, I am again being strangled by this horrible slimy clutching gagging insipid dark oppressive
Sweet Dahlia
Gregory Springer © 1997
Spacer Elizabeth, was her name,
But he loved her just the same,
A black flower, she said,
Would give her fame,
This flower by any other name was Dahlia.
Sweet Dahlia.

At first,
She was shy,
When he asked her to smile,
But, she gave him a smile,
Just the same.
He loved to say, "Elizabeth,"
Her name.

He offered a cigarette,
She gave the rose,
Took her barette,
Let fall the flow,
Of raven black hair,
He loved it when Elizabeth,
Was near.

She came from the East,
An unloved child,
And an unpaid lease,
An actress needing,
Freedom, fame, romance.
It was Elizabeth,
Who would give their love a chance.

On that lonely, lonely night,
She walked the streets,
Her sweater tight,
The darkness soon would seep,
Out of her life.
In the heavens Elizabeth,
Found her star that night.

Many have claimed to love her,
Many have claimed,
They stole her heart,
But he was the one,
She gave her charms,
Forever in his arms,
Sweet Dahlia.
Nothing Personal, Just Business
New York to L. A. red-eye
Flight attendant, in galley - * * *
Nothing Personal, Just Business
Holt Industries Seminar
In room alone - *
Graveyard Shift
Spider Watkins © 1997
When I walk the streets at night,
I feel peculiar ways.

I never see the sun shine,
Since I started sleeping days.

Dingy halls and payphone calls,
Rats climb in your hair.

Cockroach in your pudding,
Itís just too much to bear.

When you've got no money,
You just donít seem to care.

I have to work at night,
Ten to six a.m.,

I wake up when the sun goes down,
My throat is filled with phlegm.

Punch a clock in holey socks,
My heel can feel the floor.

Assembly line work ainít much fun,
God Iím always bored.

Just to buy a dinette set,
Thatís all I can afford.

I never had a wife I never had a child,
I have a live-in girl she thinks I am defiled.

A dirty mess a filthy guest,
We live in fetid mire.

Though she smells of whiskey breath,
Sheís my angle of desire.

Who wants more who takes less,
We live and then expire.

I wish I had myself a life of leisure,
I wish I had myself a gun.

Either one would bring me pleasure,
ĎCause when I wake up at night my day has just begun.
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