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The following are spoke word compositions. These works are fiction and bear no resemblance or likeness to anyone living or dead. All opinions and interpretations expressed here are entirely the authors. Copyrights are held by the respective authors.

The authors are: Henry Cole, Ted Denton, Elizabeth Hill, Gregory Springer and Spider Watkins.
The Night
Black Midnight, Purple Skies
Ted Denton © 2002

Purple skies close above
I was walking fast alone
Feeling hard and wet
The only striving thing was my heart
Hope ladened past midnight
When horses sleep
Fast toward purple fading skies
Black midnight past
Gentle horse rest and sleep
Purple skies above
Awaken strong and walk into light
Silver'd Gold
Gregory Springer © 1999

She comes to me through my window
Her arms on my pillowed embrace
A silver'd gold smiling wantful
Strands of gossamer trace like lace
The Night
The Night
Mist & Rocks
Gregory Springer © 1999

Rippling crisps of moonlight
Blown skipping across the surface
In perfect flocks of roaming jumbles
Reaching up to stroke and tickle
The soft cool air's belly

A misting next to rocks
Marries water and air becoming one
In a spooning life together
Entwined spray floats, catching light
One maybe thinks to move on

Then hesitation and looking back
Finding the distance growing too great
Next to rocks again they become as one
To want and need this spooning life together
Never to leave long nor forever separate
Find The Moon
Ted Denton © 1997

Sometime soon,
I'll find the moon,
In the clouds,
Of my mind.

I'll know when,
To find the end,
To this darkness,
I can't hide.

Some night's the darkness,
Finds it's way into my room,
To the plane which rules my life,
Inside my head.

So I try to understand,
The meaning of the overall plan,
But I miss again,
I go back to bed.

And so it goes,
Life and all it's throes,
Shall I go on? No,
No more song.
The Night
The Night
September Night
Elizabeth Hill © 1997

It was a cool September night,
And the moon was bright,
I could feel tension in the air,
But in my heart I felt alright.

He was a child of that moon,
Said he'd answer me soon,
To the question I had asked,
While we sat in his car that night.

He lived on a breezy hill,
And had a mind of wings,
All that night he flew me along,
Through him I learned many things.

He asked me to stay,
And hold him tight,
To keep him safe from the thoughts,
He took inside himself at night.

But I had to go,
Knowing time was growing late,
I kissed him goodbye,
I always remember his face.

How could I have known,
That the love was real,
Years later the way I'd feel,
So young, but what did I know of love,

I knew I would love him then,
Till I took myself back home,
I knew I would want him then,
I think of him now and feel so alone.
Run From Love
Gregory Springer © 1997

Hip cat howls
In the dead of night,
He is in love
With the luminous light,
His romance
With the gray-dark tone,
Keeps him out late
And from going home.

Precious kitty
Strolling in the street,
Just can't seem
To get enought to eat,
She's looking for
The proverbial knight,
To rest her from
Her terrible flight.

Inside a dark room
They release their prose,
Of the maddening influence
Their parents woes,
It seems to help
But for just a time,
They won't ever find
The words that rhyme.

They leave each other
Never seeing the face,
Of the one who helped them
With their embrace,
It seems the thoughts they have
Will only whisk them away,
And leave them hoping
For a better day.

They both run from love,
They both weave and sway,
A course of gall and sweet,
In the hours following day.
The Night
The Night
The Question
Spider Watkins © 1997

I smile at her,
Knowing what is on my mind,
She smiles in return and says,

"A question if you don't mind?"

And she says,

"Does love make sex better,
Or does sex make love?"

I am confused,
I need to touch her face,
The wrong answer and I will lose,
My indecision, I hesitate,
I need some time to think
And draw out her intentions so I say,

"Wait until tomorrow and ask me again,"
(She shakes her head)

"Wait until the glow fades from within,"
(She looks past my shoulder)

"Wait until we cool this growing need,"
(She looks impatient)

"Wait until the bright of the morning light,"
(She's searching her purse)

"I know I can answer and get it right,"
(She produces her keys and I ask her)

"Don't you feel this burning need?"
(She slowly repeats the question)

The night is late.
Will it end with only a kiss?
Should I take a chance and answer?
Or should I wait?

The question lingers on her lips . . .
Lovers Lying
Henry Cole © 1997

As I lie beside you,
And you believe me,
I hate myself,
For the things I say,
That we can't go on,
With a love that is wrong,
It's time that I,
Went away.

As you lie beside me,
And I believe you,
You tell me,
Our love is strong,
You say,
You will love me every day,
If I would please stay,
With words like ours,
I don't know,
Where love comes from.

As we lie together,
Love in our hearts,
We will try
One more day,
If love has come our way,
We should work
To make it stay,
With words like ours,
I hope love,
Will make our home.

You know it's late at night,
And I guess everywhere,
There's lovers lying,
In their beds,
That their lives and loves will change,
Regretting where
Their hearts have lead,
Then turning to
The one they've wed,
They could lie with someone else.
The Night
The Night
Oh, Sun
Ted Denton © 1997

I wait by the window,
I wait by the stars,
Everywhere that I look,
I can't find the light of your eyes.

Snowflake moon,
Harvest soon,
Where have you gone,
I wait and hope for your return.

Oh, heat of the sun,
Warm my pretty heart,
Guide me from the start,
Show me a way to find the world,

Tempt me with some tarnished pearls,
Something like some foreign girls,
A chance to find something that's true,
It's so late where can I find you.
Gregory Springer © 1997

Goodnight, little one

the sleep world
is drawing you near
so lay your soft curls
upon your pillow
and dream the dreams
of bright meadows yellow

Goodnight, sweet one

believe in your dream world
it's coming now
moon beams whisp through
willow boughs
the stars are all shimmering
to tuck in your toes
tomorrow we'll dress you
in pretty pink bows

Goodnight, my darling one

don't delay
the sleepy time sand
I'll stay with you
and hold your hand
till your tired little eyes
are fast asleep
and all the night
your love I will keep

The Night
The Night
Barkin' At The Moon
Henry Cole © 1997

The black cat's sittin' on the sofa,
And hound dog's barkin' at the moon,
I think about you every day,
I hope you come back soon.

It seems like eternity,
Since I've held you in my arms,
And if you come back I'll make sure,
You'll never be a school marm.

'Cause you're pretty as a flower,
Bloomin' in the spring,
I'll water you at least twice a day,
I'll do almost anything.

But that hound dog's 'bout to drive me crazy,
And that cat is fast asleep,
If you come home I'll give you a love,
A love that you can keep.

All in all you can mark me sold,
To the lady in the calico dress,
You might just turn a lot of heads,
My folks you sure impressed.

You've been gone only one whole day,
But it seem like one whole week,
Every minute's tickin' by,
And the bullshit's gettin' pretty deep.
Nightmare Surfing
Ted Denton © 1997

I go to sleep at night,
Leaving on the light,
If I wake I'll see your face,
A picture you placed near my bed.

I pull the covers near my chin,
Dreams of you should not have been,
You always take the time you need,
For paying men you need to know.

A branch is nearing toward my window,
Street light makes a dreadful shadow,
Creeps across the wall toward me,
It reminds me of you.

The clock tick-tocks beside my bed,
All hope is draining from my head,
You say you drink the bitter cup,
You say to me, drink it up, loving cup.
The Night
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