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The following are spoke word compositions. These works are fiction and bear no resemblance or likeness to anyone living or dead. All opinions and interpretations expressed here are entirely the authors. Copyrights are held by the respective authors.

The authors are: Henry Cole, Elizabeth Hill, Gregory Springer and Spider Watkins.
Gregory Springer © 1997
Spacer I wish I was a boy again,
And you were just a girl,
Walking home from school,
In the Springtime of our world.

Our world began to change,
In the last year of seventeen,
You left to become a woman,
And I left and began to dream.

There are new roads in my old town,
I wonder where they go,
When I visit for the holidays,
I only drive the roads I drove.

Memories are strange,
I run them again and again,
When the sun glances right,
Or a breeze in the night sends me home.

You won't hear me complain,
That I should have known more girls in my youth.
There's no love as strong as a love that is gone,
I remember, then I'm back, with you.

And then I am just a boy,
And you are just a girl,
Walking home from school,
In the Springtime of our world.
Girl Like a Cloud
Spider Watkins © 1997
Spacer A smile
Comes floating softly
From her eyes
And I know
That she's in love
With me

I hold her close
And breath away
The day
Knowing she will be
With me

We drive at night
My roomy car
She always sits
So close to me

And sometimes
With city lights below
We laugh
Drawing pictures
On the window

Her parents never tell me
Of the time to bring her home
They look at her
And realize
With me
This girl has really grown
In love

When I drop her off
Her kiss is so sweet
Can't wait until
When we'll meet again

Then a hug or two
Beneath the stars
We look around
And find this world
Of love
Is ours

A guy
Could never hope to find
A girl
With so much love
Floating softly
Like a cloud
In the blue sky
A cloud up above
Platinum High School
Spider Watkins © 1997
Spacer Such a young girl,
With something to prove,
She's a budding heart,
Who's out on the move.

She's got books on her arm,
And boys to choose,
She's got my friendship pin,
On her shoe.

She's going to get a job,
And buy a car,
Get a fake I.D.,
And go out to bars.

Make her parents mad,
And stay out late,
And she'll smile at me,
When she's my date.

Her new womanhood,
It's not hard to mistake,
Skin tight jeans,
And a voluptuous shake.

Summer hair so long,
And satiny eyes,
A kiss when we meet,
She gives me sighs.

With a high school diploma,
She has plans for me too,
She's such a young girl,
From Platinum High School.
Another Day in June
Spider Watkins © 1997
Spacer I could never find a girl like this,
Other guys would be content,
With just a kiss.

But I don't mind,
If you tease me just a little bit,
I'll still want you.

You might say goodnight,
Like you didn't care,
But I don't care.

Midnight eyes,
And passion's sighs,
Hold the key.

We talked a while,
But you walked the aisle,
We disagreed.

Marilou is walking through the park,
She's walking through the park,
It's another day in June.

She was my love for a year and a day,
I guess she forgot,
She got married yesterday.

I have always thought of love like this,
Love is but to want,
To have is just to kiss.
The Sand Maid
Gregory Springer © 1997
Spacer Beautiful dream walk with me,
In the afternoon's warm light,
Young maidens swim in her chilly seas,
Grown boys build hope in castles.

Surf rolls in beside her,
And waves break on her beach,
Young maidens gather for secret talk,
Grown boys ride silvery crests.

The sun,
The skies,
The air,
The magic makes you care,
A legend since so long ago.

She's the sand maid in the sun,
Watch the smiles on everyone,
Her golden touch in your hair,
Believe you'll find her everywhere,

September Moon
Henry Cole © 1997
Spacer In the light of a September moon you kissed,
The cool crisp air around me,
It took as long as a moment to see,
Being near you means everything to me.

The candle flame flickered on the checkered cloth top,
As I asked you to sit or to dance,
You mentioned your name and I quickly forgot,
Excited by thoughts of this chance.

In darkness of night where you lived was your room,
Your life in your eyes as you spoke,
You justified sadness as part of the plan,
I watched as you slept then awoke.

And through morning yawns we lay comfortably close,
Slowly light came back into your room,
I remember your name and will never
Your kiss and that September moon.
Hint of Fall
Gregory Springer © 1997
Spacer We used to go to movies,
And have dinner at your place,
Camping by the sea shore,
The sun shine on your face.

We'd grocery shop on Tuesdays,
For the next day's afternoon,
And rise late on Sundays,
Like a year round honeymoon.

I remember we met in the park,
On a hot still day in June,
And made love in the grass,
Beneath a happy July moon.

August was a hot month,
So we stayed indoors all day,
September brought the rains,
And love showed us the way.

I remember it grew cold early that year,
October's sweater sleeves,
Smoke rose from the chimeys,
Southward flying geese.

I didn't mind you leaving,
We sure had a fine time,
I think of you this time of year,
I think of you sometimes.

And I remember, yes I remember,
A hint of Fall in the air, and I remember,
Years go past then again I remember,
Falling in love with you.
We Got Lucky
Henry Cole © 1997
Spacer Well, I'm sittin' at home with my baby,
And I'm strokin' my hand through her hair,
With her slim lovin' arms around me,
I know she's a woman who cares.

Her eyes are like leaves in the autumn,
And her voice like a clear runnin' stream,
With feelin's inside like no other,
She shows me what lovin' can mean.

It was ten years ago tomorrow,
We met at that late harvest dance,
Her scent, a perfume, was like roses,
One look filled my heart with romance.

She said yes, she'd love me forever,
As the new sun dawned into the day,
And since then she has not departed,
Like our love she is here to stay.

The years have been good,
Darned lucky I guess,
Some times we say the right thing,
That night we said yes.

And of all of the others,
We might have promised the night,
We got lucky and promised,
For the rest of our lives.
In This Winter
Elizabeth Hill © 1997
Spacer Rain upon my window,
Rain upon my day,
If you could be here with me again,
If you could be here to stay.
Till tomorrow.

Fall leaves laquer glistens,
Heavy cotton clouds,
Stretching sticks were once young trees,
The rain keeps falling down,
In this Winter of our love.

The mossy roof of our house,
Keeps the cold rain out,
Your picture is now framed by the fire,
These past few years without,
Your love.

A gray pond under gray skies,
Ripples with each drop,
The street reflects the new cars,
I wish this rain could stop,
Inside my heart.
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