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The following are spoke word compositions. These works are fiction and bear no resemblance or likeness to anyone living or dead. All opinions and interpretations expressed here are entirely the authors. Copyrights are held by the respective authors.

The authors are: Sylvie Being, Henry Cole, Ted Denton, Elizabeth Hill,
Christina Jager, Laurel Sparks, Gregory Springer and Spider Watkins.
High Fidelity New
Laurel Sparks © 2006
(aka Lavender Lively)

You said you’d leave
When your kids got raised.
To just be patient
And understanding.
That you’d join me afterward.
Well, they’re up and gone
And I’m still waiting.

You promised you’d go
After the grandkids were born.
That you just had to plan
For the perfect time to leave.
They’ve been in daycare
Two years now
Learning their ABCs and 123s.
And still
I wait.

Now your wife’s sick
With a terminal illness.
You begged me for a little more time
And sympathy.
After all, you said I’ve held out
With tenacity and loyalty
So I should be able to hold on
Just a little bit longer.

After all…
What else did I have to do
These past twenty years?
Your Presence
Christina Jager © 1999

My face is flushed
Cheeks burning hot
Your face swirls around me
Twisting and bending in the crevices of my skin
Sinking deep
Absorbing in my palm
The taste of you is so sugary sweet
Leaves me thirsty for more
I write the words that describe your angelic presence
Silently slipping across the paper
Like velvet beneath my fumbling fingers
Which long to reach onto your body
The box of you that I hold so tight
If I were ever to lose its contents
I would cry a million seas
The pure bliss I feel after your refreshing presence engulfs me
Swallows me like waves swallow the shore
You have a mysterious air
Your eyes clutch secrets never to escape through your sweet lips
Brilliant thoughts whirl in my empty head
So many wishes so far from reality
If I were to reach into the darkness
Would I feel your silky hands reach back?
She's Got the "Look"
Sylvie Being © 1998

She's got the style
She's got the look
She's got that savior fair
She didn't learn from books,
She's got an electric generator
There - underneath her skin
He's making a big mistake
He's going to let her in

He's got his car
But she's going to drive him around
She's going to show him forbidden streets
In his own town
She's got an electric alternator
Two different ways to sin
He's making a big mistake
He's going to let her in

She's got the time
Say goodbye to the sun
A hungry look in her eyes
A change has begun
There is an electric transformation
A blush beneath her skin
He's made a big mistake
Now that he's let her in
Comic Strip Love Affair
Spider Watkins © 1998

I loose breath

When I'm looking for you

I accept

The deal we made

Within depth

I feel I must move you

Or am I moving through you

I'm waiting for


To love you

In some other way


Here I am
Laying my heart out to you


Here I am again
Getting burned

Like some
Comic strip love affair

Oh, when
Will I learn
El Paso
Henry Cole © 1998

El Paso is the closest that I ever been to Hawaii
Where those hula girls are swayin' with the breeze
I'd lay me down beside those girls and get a tan
But my boots would keep me pale below the knees

When I get that travelin' fever I get dressed up
In my pearl-buttoned, flowered Hawaiian shirt
Sometimes I tint my hair just like a surfer
But when I go out I feel just like a jerk

Sometimes I get so lonely so I pull out
My Atlas with the map of Oo-wah-who
I trace my finger 'long that coastal highway
This map has stains on it that look like glue

Someday I'm gonna pack my bags and thumb a ride
Way out west to Hawaii, U.S.A.
Some trucker might just take me to that golden land
If not I'll just have to walk the rest of the way!
Love and a Promise
Elizabeth Hill © 1998

Help me in the morning,
Brush the sleep away,
Lying by you all night long's,
Made me forget of today.

I can see you now,
Flying off away from me,
You had to go, I know,
I only hoped that you would see.

But I'm dreaming,
It's only five o'clock,
We still have a few more hours,
Before it ends and locks.

We started long ago,
With love and a promise,
To never leave our hearts alone,
To always be together.

I remember happiness,
Of walks in the park,
Of candel light dinners,
When we only talked.

I remember loving you,
Like no other could,
And holding the longest kiss,
When we stood together.

Shadows slowly slip,
Into our lonely room,
I hold you close and kiss your cheek,
We will be alone too soon,

It's noon
And I'm having breakfast,
When a tear comes to my eye,
I loved you for so long,
And then you say to me,
This Wire
Ted Denton © 1998

I've got this wire
Going into my head
It's telling me
It's time for maxi dread

Every movie
I fear will happen to me
Every crime on T.V.
Goes unjudged
My neighborhood
Could become
A drive-by happening

Lock the door
It's starting again
The wire vibrates
And then I happen
Laughing at torment
Because I could be next
A victim of generous doses
Of every horror I can find


A commercial takes me back
To when I was a small child
It made me so happy then
When I saw commercials
Of hot air balloons
And blue sunny skies
Green fields and trees
Colorful streamers
And happy faces
Happy children's faces
Smiling at me


They spoke to me
In a special language
Purchase and Buy
Join us
Purchase and Buy
Be one with us
Purchase and Buy
We love you
I Think of You
Gregory Springer © 1998

You are you,
And I am me,
And when we are together,
We are free,

When together,
I think of no one else,
And when apart,
I think of you,

Let us paint our face,
In the colors of today,
We can live as one,
If that's what you say,

Then when we are loving,
I will know we are living,
Alive like always,
When I think of you.
A Ride
Spider Watkins © 1998

If I'm in
The community center parking lot
After school
And if a girl comes up to me
And asks me for a ride
I won't ask her where she's been
I won't think it's bad again
I won't think about that girl
Who treated me bad
I know it's gone now
The things I could have had
So I'll give her a ride
To where ever she wants to go
And I won't get nervous either,
I mean
If that ever happens
In the parking lot
A girl asking me for
A ride
You know?
As Things Do
Elizabeth Hill © 1998

I had a love,
He was more than I dreamed,
An angel down from heaven,
Forever in love it seemed.

We were strong together,
The joy of happiness,
Troubled not by sorrow,
Our love we gently caressed.

We walked through cities,
And across fertile fields,
And lay unclothed in the warming sun,
Like two great sleeping seals.

And we had tea and biscuits,
When it was cold outside,
And sometimes we got hurt,
Our love would make us cry.

Our's was a passion,
Not to be lost,
To stay together,
No matter the cost.

Our's was a passion,
Of sun-bright fire,
Deeply expressing our wants,
And desires.

We were like the power,
Of rushing sea water,
And clouds in the sky,
Lashing with thunder.

We came together,
To love and to hold,
But forever is a word,
That sounds so bold.

So, as things do,
They always change,
As they used to be,
No more,

Lives in my heart,
He now loves and wants me,
No more.
The Swimming Pool
Ted Denton © 1998

I'm sitting here in my underwear
With the gun I purchased for home safety
Pressed firmly against my right temple
And there's this splashing sound
Coming from the swimming pool
And it's really starting to annoy me
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