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by Brane Koren © 2002
Wanderings I t is the effect ensued from one lasting search for the universal Meaning.

It integrates art, religion, science, as other forms of human exploration into amazing entirety. It also contains review on human history from its beginning, as well as on history in general...

"Wanderings is an effort to set mind to order, which can result with quite unpredictible, yet beautiful things, throughout the world" -as author said with smile, in his first and only interview, during autumn of 1999.

"...For human mind is a generator of chaos or order, from inside out, influencing upon this world we know, and we live in today." -he concluded.

However, this book was written with the purpose.

Therefore, It is completely advisable for distribution. No one can claim an exclusive right to It, except Its author, Brane Koren.

But permission is given, to certain agents and publishers, in order to distribute it. Each can establish its own distributing rules and prices, and "reap deserved yields."

"Wanderings" is an useful pattern for creating a movie, animated film, theatre play, musicle or so, due to the fashion in which it comes written...Still and again, rights are given to all who can present It well.

* * * * *

Finally, here are few sentences from European art review magazines:

"Wanderings is the seed of light, of sense, in stormy ages of humanity..."


"Few are the books that can reach so far..."


"In this brilliant art-piece, things that are rather of sophisticated matter come successfully represented in a simplified, hence powerful way. Exactly due to this fact, Wanderings is an astonishing masterpiece of human mind..."

-Rainbow world-

In any case, this is quite an interesting book, worth of anyone's attention...
-Lion Productions ltd.-

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