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Mystic Music WANDERINGS - Intro
by Brane Koren © 2002
Wanderings W hilst reading this neverending tale, you come to be its indivisible part. Yes, you do. This book holds much more than just ordinary words. It reveals, and leads the path of astonishing energies. It is a ritual.

Its words are written from the depths of the heart. These are the words of truth. Words of reason.

Over mind heart gives an order to my hand, telling it how to compose them into this tale-tale with a reason, a meaning,

a purpose.

This tale is a sum of memories, perceptions and dreams-visions in fact. Visions about past times, as times which are about to come..

From hence, throw away all burdens and delusions of the past. Let them rot into oblivion, where they truly belong.

Open your eyes , free your mind. Iíll lead you through the journey...

And if you sense a touch in the depths of your being, donít be surprised. That is the beam that lights upon the seed-coming straight from the heavens. That very moment flame begins to grow.

The mind discovers the heart, to protect it-and to follow it.

To open the door. Into infinity...

And as it is spoken, this is The neverending tale...

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