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Mystic Music WANDERINGS - Tale About World and Time
by Brane Koren © 2002
Wanderings - Tale About World and Time T ime. Time is about changes. Changes in space, changes of matter, motion of even the smallest particle of matter. How will you measure time if everything, but everything stops to move - the pointer on the clock, shadows, earth, moon, sun, planets and stars - all molecules and atoms. If just heart stops beating, man will not be able to measure time. Because time for him will stop. If only earth stops rotating, man will not be able to measure time. ‘Cause nothingness will swallow him. And time for man will stop.

But it will still exist.

Well if everything stops and nothing changes - there is no time. "Before" the great event, it had been so...

* * * * *

One is all, and all is nothing, nothing’s all, and all is one.

That is the truth of dimension before the beginning. Words that do not disclose a view, and all you imagine does not follow these words. Disorder that reason cannot stand, confusion that reason contempts. Chaos in which senses mean nothing, because nothing’s there - at all. There is no sight. Nor time. Numbers are an indication of quantity. Numbers are a distinctive property of time. But in that dimension numbers have no meaning. In it, absolute values amalgamate.

In it nothing, one and all merge - into an inconceivable mess. Into mess with no aim, nor reason. Into absurdity.

That is the dimension which swallows itself. Dimension that does not allow creation. Dimension with no sight, sound, smell, touch nor taste. With no presentiment. Dimension that cannot be sensed with anything. For nothing’s there. Empty dimension. Nothingness. An infinite vacuum. Evil. Death.

That is the darkness that you cannot see. For in that darkness man disappears. And becomes darkness. It quashes him. Tears him apart...

However, imagine vacancy with no light, neither warmth. Cold obscurity. Black silence. And then imagine one seed in which all is written. So small, as a shiny dot. So tiny, that it "pierces" the night and disappears. Does not exist. Just dark. There is no sight. Neither sound. Nor time...

The very thing that annuls man in the absence of Reason - the king of all senses, master of world and time.

..misusing the chaotic rule of muddle Reason decided to set order - to create Itself. From nothing. And to destroy the mess. Once and for all...

To enable the birth of world and time, that wonderful neverending tale. To set the principles on which shall evolve the process. Rules that will be valid everywhere and for always, through infinity...

And it was so, in a moment. Miraculous explosion happened...

Light, warmth and matter spread all over the darkness. Time started running, never to stop again. All coming stories and legends originated. All that ever was, is, and will be came into existence.

And the neverending tale has just begun...

Great moment suspended an infinite vainness. The universe was created. Glorious and endless...

Glowing parts of matter have been rushing through space, in diverse sizes and forms. They’ve been violently crashing, breaking and still proceeding with their voyage. During long travel through darkness many stars have lost their shine, and died. However, lots of pieces attracted each other, to continue the journey together...

One piece is named "the sun". It is father, huge and igneous. Mother we call "the earth" has arrived much, much later - and was cold and stiff, sheathed with ice. Ice had originated with cooling fiery matter into rocks, and then chilling surface of rocks ‘till a point of glazing - during unimaginably lasting wandering - through unimaginable cold and darkness...

The sun pulled up mother by laws which stretch out from the very beginning, but do not let resumed merging. As attracting the mother, the sun drew up other planets. Father bound them to its solar system to protect them with light and warmth from the death of darkness. That system, as many other systems, is drawn around a celestial body of the greatest mass. Together they make the galaxy. It is again one of numerous galaxies that travel through space, departing from the heart of the universe - the well of creation...

Well, lets return to the earth. Lets get back to mother - which is lost in space, left to frigid darkness...

After lasting solitary roaming, the sun caught sight of her, extending its long and strong, invisible perpetual hand. Father softly caught mothers illuminated arm, to save her from iced death. Mother changed her route, but rushed by into darkness with enormous velocity...Creators principle forbid the sun to harm her by pulling her too strongly, neither to cede her to darkness. With outermost force of its hand the sun slowly retarded her, and stopped her on a distance of the first winter solstice. Then it gently pulled her, making her rotate toward its light, to firmly embrace her - and to proceed with the journey together...

Heart of the earth began to move and blaze after a long period of time. In eternal love father and mother started dancing a wonderful elliptic dance...

A child was conceived in a moment when the first beam from the sun touched the cold face of the earth. And then, the first drop began to glide, water started flowing. And above it, through steam, for the first time appeared a magical symbol of life - a rainbow. So huge and bright. So wonderful...

Ice has dissolved with time, water has covered the earth. On heightened parts mother has showed her bare rocky frame.

The sky was red. The sun was colossal. Before the strength of sun water started boiling. Thick heavy clouds of vapour have overcast the earth, obscuring the sun. Tremendous thunders and hurricanes began to rumble. Galeforce winds started blowing, commencing the shaping of mothers body. Enormous waters have been wildly splashing against rocks, melting their saltish surface - and planing them. From turbulent heart of the earth flames have been gushing high through the sky. On the bottom of created seas lava started oozing, releasing hissing bubbles of formed gases.

On surging waves waters have been sending out balloons of oxygen.

Wild interplay of natures forces started forming an atmosphere...

...and somewhere on earth, during a common storm - a seed survived. The seed, which Creator had sowed in the great moment of creation. Seed in which is written the principle of evolution - of absorption, learning, breeding, progression - instruction of creator for the process to keep its course toward perfection, to embody god itself. Miraculous seed of life. A gene...

Gene has maintained itself on the bound of land and sea, on contact of waves and heated lava. On the place where all elements of life gathered - water, fire, ground and air. On that very place fire melted a rock, water cooled forming lava, capturing crystals. Gene remained in created clay, surrounded by numerous molecules of formed acids and proteins.

The seed has been reposing, waiting for the last term to fulfill - a blessing of the fifth element...

And of a sudden, lightning struck, so bluish and bright. An impulse originated, molecules merged with gene. The first living cell was created. "Thread" started moving. Yes, life was born...

* * * * *

Influenced by warmth and light, the living cell started growing, splitting on two parts. Each of pieces also split, proceeding on. New parts were not completely equal. With them, the gene multiplied too. The process evolved...

With time, substances of diverse forms and sizes started merging, uniting genes - forming new species, new formations. They created microcreatures and continued with the process, adapting themselves to the current conditions in nature - with the purpose to exist, and carry the gene forward. Their empire had lasted long enough to leave sediments of hulls: sediments of the first stratums of soil. During that epoch the inside of earth subsided.

Influenced by the sun the seas retreated, leaving fertile sediments of water and microcreatures. But due to intense heats the ground dried up. Above the wide spaces of lands and seas heavy clouds of evaporated water overcast. Torrid rain began to fall...

..after many years the rain stopped, the clouds dissipated - and the sun appeared at last. It silently shone through the first layers of the atmosphere. Skies were purple...

In new terms, from wide spread genes the first plants sprang out. Trees and grass, ferns and mushrooms, scented flowers began to sprout. Through stratums of soil, from rocky depths crystal blue streams started to run. Tremendous waterfalls started falling...

..endless forests have been singing on the wind, nature started singing in a symphony. World became inspired through rainbow colours. Planet earth flashed with beauty…

In realized conditions of breathing, genes ordered the microcreatures to integrate themselves into creatures. Microcreatures of diverse sorts started constructing nervous systems, then tissue, bones, muscles, organs. Then limbs, wings, fins - to enable movement and search for food - a source of necessary energy.

Process took a period of millions of years....

...finally, wonderful creatures came to life, of all sizes and shapes, all structures and hues. On the ground, in water, on trees, in the air. The world became mottled in a gorgeous rhapsody...

The number of creatures and sorts was in continuous increase. The first creatures were feeding themselves on plants, the next ones on other creatures, while plants were feeding on all atrophied tissues. The strong overwhelmed the weak, while corpses fed the plants, plants fed the weaker ones - and the circle of survival was closed. Nature and its creatures were breathing together and free, in perfect harmony. Life was very young...

And finally, to close the circle with itself, Reason choose one specie. With impulse from the well of creation it inhaled into that creature its own energy. It gave that being an ability to think, learn and create.

An ability to develop itself - over mind, intellect - toward a shining point of possible perfection. And to accomplish the meaning. To enable the great moment, when eternal light will arrive from the spring of creation : To enliven the dream... and expel darkness - once for all...

Through the spine of that very being divine energies began to circulate. And had been headed by an occult ascendency of one just arrived celestial body...

* * * * *

And there comes the man!!! There he is, crouched below a tree, frightened he observes the moon, with a strange spark in his eyes.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Stooping he stands, with stone in his hand. Ready to defend himself from stronger animal.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Takes a spear, carrying plunder. Ready to set fire.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Standing agape in front of the wall. Ready to note down a thought.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Pointing with finger, mumbling unclearly. Ready to name what he sees.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Responding to name, calling ones name. Ready to evolve a speech.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! In clay he draws signs. Ready to register changes in nature.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Making tools, creating inventions of life. Ready to use them for his purpose.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Proud he stands on soil. Ready to pick the yields of his pains.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Gathering flocks. Ready to guide and guard them.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Through pipe discovers his soul. Discovers song and dance. Ready to reveal beauty and evolve his conscience.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Due to drought forced to walk away. Ready to follow signs.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! There he is, alongside rivers and seas - forgathering to larger tribes. Ready to exchange and unite the knowledge.

*eclipse of the sun*

But there comes man. With a distorted smile. Blinded by shiny stone.


Abandons himself to gold. Makes wars with gold. In the name of gold.


Hunts innocent and helpless ones. Grabbing the land and ruling over it.


Greedy and influential. In an oasis of a desert builds a temple, using the knowledge of a captured wise man.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Chased by hordes of greedy men. Ready to tame northern woods and mountains.


Exiled and thoughtful. Secluded he forges a sword. Ready to protect innocent people.


Becomes a warrior of heart. Ready to defy injustice and evil.


Wanders over cold north. Ready to cross over frozen sea, and settle in a new land.


Researches world and stars, ready to entail legacies of wisdom.

*eclipse of the sun*

But there comes man. From warm land, he decants gold to coinages, spreading discord and evil.


With coins he gathers mighty troops, sending them to bloody raids.


He subjugates lands and people, coming over sea and ground.


He disseminates seeds of death and hatred on coasts of the great sea.


He kills women and children, burns temples and homes.


Abandoned, he leans to the will of damned conquistador.


In slavery again. Lost...

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man!!! With truth in his eyes. Ready to announce and prepare the road.

*eclipse of the sun*

But there comes man. He crucifies the chosen one. Unready to understand the words of God.


He behaves like a common whore, a cheater. Doing evil under the symbol of a holy man.


He harries foreign lands and temples. He kills innocent people.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man! Strong and decided. Shaping a sword. Ready to look for truth and justice.


Proud and brave. He approaches the life of a righteous man. Ready to serve the good, and separate good from evil, right from wrong.


Noble and prudent. Ready to spread the good, and set to rights an evil.


And there comes the man! On the right way. Ready to build the world of true beauty and wisdom. Age of art, pride and honour.


And there comes the man! He constructs devices of science. Ready to search for "secrets".


Ready to set sail over the wide sea…


Ready to meet and esteem distant tribes, following the trails of the past.


Ready to learn from wise men…


Ready to listen to words of God.

*eclipse of the sun*

But there comes man. Greedy and blind, he keeps colonizing discovered lands.


He brings gunpowder, burns and condemns what he cannot understand, grabs what’s not his own.


Accumulates his dullness on the graves of sage men. Spreads his madness back to an "old" world.


Makes up false titles, distorts the words of god.


Steps on a wrong way. Poisoned with lies of an empty man.


Destroys the world of beauty and wisdom, disconnecting the shining thread of knowledge.


Builds a world of greyness and walls. "Decants" the gold to pieces of paper.


Draws false borders, tearing lands and people. Sows the seeds of future gory wars.


Constructs and multiplies devices of death, in the name of death itself.


Constructs and multiplies gadgets of stupidity, in the name of stupidity itself.


Drowns himself into formless mass. Leans to blithering. Extirpates the truth.


Neglects his heart, distorts his mind.


Talks, but nothing says.

Listens, but nothing hears.

Watches, but nothing sees.

Breathes, but doesn’t live.


Lost in the world of delusions and lies.


Blind he patters towards a chasm...

..dark epoch expires.

*flash of the sun*

And there comes the man!!! With shine in his hand. Ready to testify the Truth.

* * * * *

All had started with the great explosion, millions of millenniums back, in time out of mind. At that very moment, from the well of creation waves of energies began to flow, waiting for a distant birth of the man. To realize the intention and fulfill the meaning, creator chose one planet - the earth. In the infinity of time and space earth linked up with the sun, to accomplish conditions of life together - and to carry on with the process. By lightning from heights life was born, starting its evolution. With its development process paved the way for the chosen being...

And finally, after huge period of time, man was born...

Evolution of man was protracted, hard and labourious. His trail began in the lap of the moon, proceeding over wide spaces of the chosen planet. In the beginning it was winding and often declining, but later it moved toward the right course. Mans brain evolved itself influenced by energies of thoughts and new cognitions. Tradition of knowledge and skills started. And the road became passable...

But, at the end of the second millennium, over mans road overcast dark clouds of his own filth and blindness. Devices of human destruction and self-destruction. Denying and annulment of his own being. Negation of life and nature.

Negation of his past. Of reason... Ground afore man momentarily trembled, and slid down before the muddy flood of his own stupidity. The process stopped, a flood was threatening survival itself. Darkness spread all over...

For all that, man decided to frame a bridge, and walk forward...

And nowadays, here stands the man, ready to catch everything. Everything. My friend - right here, right now...

Life is a miracle. It is a gift from heavens which we get only once. Life is our first, and last chance. Man is the only being able to think, learn and search for the truth. The truth is an unbreakable sword that separates good from evil, light from darkness. Swords, which do not allow anyone to blend them, or to weld them. Those who do so, are on the side of evil. And do not know how to learn. The evil is human stupidity. Soldiers of light are love and knowledge.

Where one of them fails, darkness grabs its chance. Proof to that we’ll find in human history...

The fate of man, his children, and all mankind rests in his hands. It depends on his thoughts, words and deeds. With his stupidity, emptied man aims the fate toward nothingness, darkness. He is formless, inane. A hyena.

Common man keeps his heart, but cannot find the strength to follow it. And therefore the evil of empty man threats him.

With his strength and knowledge, shining man directs the fate towards light, towards blessing and dream. In the name of children and a new, better world. In the name of himself. He is the lion...

Every man is one, the only and unique. And equal to other man. Equal in his importance. However, week man accepts absurdity with time. He accepts darkness. He ceases being a man. And remains only a shell, a shadow. The heart is to be lost if we don’t follow it with mind - and live it with blood and flesh.

Man that does not follow the voice rejects himself, and slowly dies. He disappears, even his shadow still moves...

Blissful is the one who follows himself. For although hard and rugged, his road is endless. Written among stars.

He truly lives. Forever...

Yes, man carries a wonderful gift inside. A heavenly gift that makes him a man. The gift that lights his way. His heart is his being. It is the man himself. In it all is written. Heart is the book. And life...

Reason is a harmony of flesh, mind and heart. Then man is complete. True. And ready to do a lot...


Deep and strong thoughts sometimes "create" a vision. They overwhelm laws of time and space, entering the world of "echos" and secret energies. During presence of conscience, man is able to aim them, and influence upon fate.

With other words, man "absorbs" the world through his senses, of which one is not corporeal. People named it "the third eye". Through its "doors" man peers into the divine world of energies and hues. The "door" rests in his heart.

The mind is the "key."

Such a unity of heart and mind is conditioned by the highest level in evolution of one being’s consciousness.

And simply, for his own existence man absorbs energies from the depths of the universe. These are energies of life and creation, woven into the human being. They stream from heights, passing through the man’s inside - merging into the heart. It is placed on two thirds of his figure’s height, in the central of seven energetic fields. This is where love and knowledge come from...

Man possesses a mind to reveal and spread these energies, to free them and use them. The more he knows, more energy man gets. And the more energy he absorbs, the greater energy he emits...

Intended summoning of stronger energies demands a skill. The skill is skilled use of the knowledge. Some people call it craft, some art. Art of summoning is a ritual. Ritual is the pinnacle of art...

All"mystical" energies come from the heart of the universe, from the inexhaustible well of creation. From the well of true, and only art. Art with reason and purpose, with meaning. Into our frame, through the sacred paths of God...

Yet, if man does not esteem them, if he neglects them or denies them, in his mind appears a field of vacuity - disturbing flow and harmony of energies. They stop circulating free, afterwards they halt and fade. And instead of fortify and transmit them on, man deranges them, and smothers them up. Causing coldness, darkness...

After a discord in a being, energies die in a black gap. It sucks them in, and annuls them. After body withers, it turns to microbeings again, and then finally becomes a ground - a food to other life...

Time takes away flesh - and mind. But if mind accomplished a purpose of life, heart remains. And goes on...

Man is not born to turn blind, ending up in darkness. Man is not born to turn stolid, vanishing in emptiness.

Man is chosen to fulfill the Purpose. Invited to accomplish the Meaning...

So finally, the purpose of creator and creation is to create and improve a being that will understand it - and live it. Being that will close the circle with the reason itself, and step into infinity.

That creatures, my friend, are you and I.

With this book I complete the circle...

* * * * *

Shortly before sunrise I opened my eyes. I stood up from the ground, distracted and thoughtful. I was staring at the blue starry sky. I was thinking about my strange "journey". And I realized that "silent" echos wander through space. Echos of distant, and gone by times. And that blissful are those who can sense them, and grasp them...

Grateful and smiling I returned to my home. I started composing my thoughts.

The moon gently kissed the horizon.

While time keeps on "rolling", for it must not - and will never stop...

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