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Mystic Music WANDERINGS - The Great Day
by Brane Koren © 2002
Wanderings D istant is year. The year of the white dragon. Lasting winter draws to its end. At last. Evil tongues of adders retreat and disappear forever. The last beast of darkness knuckles down before the strength of the grandiose sun...

The symphony of light casts sorcery upon blanched fields and rivers, woods and vales. The forest well comes to life, water starts babbling, the brook begins to flow. Above the waterfall light snaps and manifests its miraculous spirit.

A rainbow appears... The sacred waters of nature begin to run. These sweet saps of life...

First heralds of spring sprout from the ground, to bid welcome to the sun, and to announce the New age.

From gleaming crowns of trees merry song of birds is deputed. Wonderful creatures wake up, emerging from dark shelters.

Smiling children run out from their warm homes, into the light of a Great day. A day with no fear, no sadness, no pain.

Stung into a stone a sword flashes. High on the sky the sign flares...

In the echo of time shining being reads the last chapter of the Neverending tale. Aware that he becomes its part.

For good. And assists on the Great dayÖ

..and whilst snowed tops of mountains melt, somewhere in the distance the white wolf howls. He carries through blithe news about the triumph of man over darkness, over evil, over death. News about the novel spring of world and man.

About the arrival of Reason, of the Creator.

And as though he feels a distant scream of a mother, and the crying of a child. No, these are not tears of sorrow.

That is the beginning of a Dream.

That is the beginning of New life...

* * * * *

Wanderings - Creator


Reason, King of all senses, Master of world and time.



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